Why verbs are a copywriter’s best friends

Verbs, also known as ‘doing’ words, inject sales pitches with a sense of dynamism that helps you gain that all-important emotional response from readers.

These words are powerful because they bring a sense of action for readers who usually want to see better results.

Once we become aware of verbs and their power, we can see them all around us in many different forms of persuasive communication.

For example, the charity slogan ‘Stand up to cancer’ is a good example of a verb-driven proposition. And, as we know, it’s motivating people to act.

So how do you harness the power of verbs?

It’s actually very simple. As a freelance copywriter, once I’ve identified the main benefits of a product or service, I then think about how these benefits can be expressed for maximum impact by using verbs.

This strategy works particularly well by leading with a verb in titles. For example: ‘Save time and money by becoming more efficient’ or ‘Discover the secrets of a healthier lifestyle’.

Verbs also pull their weight in calls to action. For example: ‘Attract new customers today by calling us on…’.

Try it for yourself and see the difference in your sales pitches. To help you, here’s some examples of verbs to keep in mind:

Gain, improve, build, develop, discover, expand, support, explore, enhance, benefit, focus… understand, implement, succeed…