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Raise your profile through the press with quality News Releases and PR campaigns

There are dozens of strategies for gaining publicity through the news media – you just have to think creatively… Maybe you’re an industry leader looking to raise your profile in trade publications… Or perhaps you’ve won an award or are creating jobs by expanding… In fact, there are SO many ways to win press coverage. All you need is a bit of judgement and expertise from people in the know like us.

What we do

At Copy Cruncher our Managing Director is a former journalist who knows all the best news angles and has all the right industry connections.

Importantly, writing a successful News Release depends on you using a solid public interest angle and then crafting the release in the fluent language of news.

That way it ticks the right boxes with News Editors and in many cases makes it straight into print.

What else makes news?

If you’re an expert in your field, we can help you stand out from the crowd by recommending you to journalists who need quotes to support articles.

What’s more, sometimes your business sector may be topical, which means you can ride the tide of publicity, projecting your brand identity.

The signature for success

Success rates for News Releases skyrocket when you use the angles and formulas that journalists recognise instantly.

And the best thing? Pound-for-pound News Releases significantly out-pull advertising in terms of reader engagement.

If you’ve never tried News Releases before, we’re here to guide you through every step, do all the heavy lifting and make you feel comfortable.

If you use News Releases regularly and don’t have much success, we can add some serious weight to your campaigns with our proven know-how.

Book a FREE meeting to talk about News Releases now by calling or emailing us – it could lead to the breakthrough you’re after.

  • Public interest angle
  • Language of news
  • Structure of news
  • Attention-grabbing headlines

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Tom Fletcher
Freelance Copywriter and Editor
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Charles Curry MBE, Proprietor, New Milton Advertiser & Lymington Times

“Tom’s copy has always been well-written, crisp and on deadline.”

Rebekah Donawa, Head of Marketing and Communications, Brockenhurst College

“Tom produces accurate, engaging copy on time and on brief. He also isn’t frightened to question, which has added value to our campaigns.”

Sara Hamilton, Corporate Communications Manager, New Forest District Council

“Tom worked with us to capture compelling stories from across our organisation.  His ability to spot the hook of the vast array of information he discovered, and to write engaging articles from that, really delivered.”