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Take your reader on a journey to greater understanding with our feature writing service

Often you want to explain the innovative nature of what you do in some depth to raise your profile and stand tall as an industry leader. However, the challenge is communicating complex ideas to a mass audience in a way that doesn’t leave them behind or dumb down the complexities of what makes you the best. And that’s where our feature writing service comes in, delivering significant benefits for you and your organisation.

What we do

At Copy Cruncher our background in news enables us to convey your message in a way that makes it accessible, informative and even entertaining.

We aim to hook readers from the start and hold onto them right until the end.

Our clients use our feature articles to spur people on to discover more about what they do. But another benefit is simply making people aware that our clients exist at the leading edge of their economic sectors.

We have a proven track record in science and technology, but also law and other service sectors, working with professionals like you to create a serious buzz about their work.

These articles are generally targeted at industry-related publications, but they can also work as blog posts or segments for in-house magazines.

How to proceed

Getting started is simple. You just give us your brief in bullet points, and then we set about spinning the information into its most interesting, readable and readily understandable form.

We can also work with you to brainstorm and develop ideas.

Our customers are often surprised about how we can transform a list of facts and opinions into an article that has real resonance and gravitas.

We’re always happy to meet for FREE to discuss your needs. In addition, we can give you helpful advice you can take forward whether you choose to use us or not.

Contact us now to tell us what you need in terms of feature articles and to discuss the best way to achieve success going forward.

  • Compelling angles
  • Language of news
  • Highly readable structure
  • Clear explanations

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Tom Fletcher
Freelance Copywriter and Editor
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Charles Curry MBE, Proprietor, New Milton Advertiser & Lymington Times

“Tom has been a very valuable member of our editorial staff. He has ably handled all the work assigned to him, covering most types of public hearings ranging from Magistrates’ and Crown Court, inquests, employment tribunals and council meetings, to a murder trial and a dentist’s misconduct hearing in London.”

Simon Rollett, Managing Director, MadJester Limited

“MadJester needed better results from our email newsletters and approached Tom at Copy Cruncher to create new copy with attention-grabbing headlines and content that engaged our customers. After appraising our services and marketing goals, Tom delivered copy which has proven instrumental in increasing volume and regularity of our responses, whilst also generating new interest in what we do.”