Do you want to rev-up your copy? 

Sometimes you have a piece of copy that is 80% perfect, but just needs a bit more work to improve structure and readability.

It’s definitely worth giving your literature the extra attention, because if people don’t fancy reading it then it’s useless.

With the benefit of a fresh pair of eyes, we can tighten your text by carefully removing words and phrases that don’t add anything.

We’ll also refresh longer sentences while retaining all the important information.

Contact us now for an informal chat about how to achieve better and more consistent reader engagement by using our editing service.

  • Spelling/grammar check
  • Improved readability
  • Enhanced structure
  • Final proof read

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University of Southampton

“Tom always interprets our brief clearly and really anticipates what we need.  All copy is crisp, punchy and always keeps our corporate style, tone of voice and customer base in mind.”

Rory Stokes, Managing Director, Marine Garage Ltd

While I had already set up my website and written my copy, it was refreshing to see it from another point of view. Having opened my eyes I was grateful Tom could tinker with my words and, with a good grasp of my message, put it into language that was both more succinct and created more impact.