Copywriting Training

Copywriting lessons that empower your staff to make a bigger impact

It doesn’t take a genius to write copy that works. With a few key pointers, our students have written things they never thought they were capable of writing. Indeed, through short teaching and learning sessions, we’ve been able to transform people’s abilities, enabling them to pass on the benefits to their employers. So could you and your organisation benefit?

What we do

At Copy Cruncher our tutorials break down writing issues into simple questions of content, language, structure and style.

We provide two standard workshops. One on sales writing to inspire interest in products or services, and one on writing News Releases that hit all the right notes with Editors.

Each tutorial lasts an hour and includes learning resources to take away, including instructions and examples.

As well as standard tutorials in sales writing and news writing, we can provide bespoke training packages by quickly assessing individuals’ weaknesses and giving them easy-to-follow strategies to improve.

Did you know?

There are many different writing techniques, formulas and tips you can use to make your copy slicker and more engaging.

Once you know them, all it takes is practice to write like a professional and make that extra impact with a reader.

Our experience shows that a little bit of training leads to lifelong transferable skills, giving employers a substantial and ongoing return on investment.

How it works

Our teacher is patient, personable and full of fun insights into how to write better copy.

What’s more, a vast majority of people can write significantly better copy with just a few helpful tips and examples.

Initially we’ll discuss your needs on the phone. However, we’re very happy to meet in person to demonstrate exactly how we can make a difference.

Contact us now to book your FREE meeting about copywriting workshops. It could be the one smart step that unlocks a whole range of marketing benefits.

  • Learn key techniques
  • Gain essential knowledge
  • Materials to take away
  • Easy to understand

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Micheal Higgins, Managing Director, Lovetts Solicitors

“Copy Cruncher has become an important extension of our business. Lovetts Solicitors is a niche firm that specialises in debt recovery. Tom quickly understood our business and the industry as a whole.”