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Get your target market reading, wanting, clicking and dialling…

You always want to make an instant impact with your sales pitches. Importantly, you have ONE big opportunity to grab a reader’s attention, so you MUST lead with your strongest and most persuasive angle. Having said that, when you’re very close to a project it’s not unusual to need some third-person perspective in order to see the bigger picture. And that’s exactly where we can help.

What we do

At Copy Cruncher we give you the power to make the impact you want using elegant, well-composed, benefit-driven copy that makes people engage with your message.

We believe selling is first about obtaining an emotional response from the reader before presenting a watertight case for action.

A unique selling point (USP) or a promotion is ideal for getting attention. But there are many other ways too.

We use an expert blend of concise language and persuasive psychology to hook readers and keep them interested.

It all leads to a strong call to action, moving people to click a link, email a response, or pick up the phone to you.

What about you?

Your expertise and reputation are important elements for writing a sales pitch that achieves your commercial objectives.

But don’t lose sight of the main goal… Readers will first want to know what your product or services can do for them, and only then about your past achievements, industry accreditation and experience.

What’s the process?

As a well-practised freelance copywriter service, we’ll do our research before pulling all the evidence together and presenting it to your best advantage.

What’s more, we’ll always LISTEN to what you want and include as many amends and additions as you like – all within our standard service.


Whether you want sales letters, web copy, newsletters or almost anything else, we’re here to give you content that gets results.

We have clients that span many different industries, so we understand the importance of style, tone and organisational pressures.

Not only that, we can come to you for a preliminary meeting to discuss your project at ZERO cost to you.

Call or email us now and discover how we can turbocharge your sales pipeline by helping you make a bigger impact.

  • Successful sales formula
  • Astute customer psychology
  • Highly readable structure
  • Strong call to action

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Tom Fletcher
Freelance Copywriter and Editor
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Simon Rollett, MadJester Limited

“MadJester needed better results from our email newsletters and approached Tom at Copy Cruncher to create new copy with attention-grabbing headlines and content that engaged our customers. We continue to be both pleased and impressed with the results.”