Speech Writing

Been asked to give a speech but can’t find the words?

Imagine the situation: you’ve been asked to give a speech to some important people and simply cannot find the words.

Well, that’s where we can help. At Copy Cruncher our speech writing service can help you create a speech that delivers the right impact with your audience.

With a solid structure, elegant phrasing and sentiments that don’t come across as false, you’ll have people patting you on the back and echoing your words.

Remember, delivering a speech needn’t be a headache or a trauma when you have someone to help you break the process down. We’ll make sure you don’t just get through it – we’ll help you actually ENJOY the process.

Just call us now to find out how you can break down the barriers to giving a great speech with our speech writing service.

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Tom Fletcher
Freelance Copywriter and Editor
Email: tom@copycruncher.com
Telephone: 07733 242 769


Alice Dickinson, Fleetwater Holidays

“Never afraid to tackle a new subject, Tom writes with confidence and flair bringing together the right words to deliver SEO and a clear message.”

University of Southampton

“Tom always interprets our brief clearly and really anticipates what we need.  All copy is crisp, punchy and always keeps our corporate style, tone of voice and customer base in mind.”