It’s all about ‘YOU’

Here’s a great tip for anybody writing their own sales literature: always write in the first-person narrative, speaking in terms of you and us.

As you may have realised, the customer mainly wants to know what your product or service can do for them – how it will make their life better. He or she is not interested in your life story (as interesting as it may be) because as a consumer they are only interested in themselves.

Cast you mind back to the last time you bought something. Did you buy it because you thought the seller it was a jolly good person? Of course, you didn’t. You bought it because you saw what it could do for you.

When you surf the web looking at various websites you’ll often come across a business whose owner quite clearly wants to brag about how great they think they are. Their qualifications, their experience, blah, blah, blah… It’s as if their website is just one big ego trip and not intended to sell anything at all.

Of course, there is a time and a place to talk about your qualifications, experience and your satisfied customers, but it is towards the end of your sales message, definitely not at the beginning.

Today’s consumers are incredibly savvy. After all, they are constantly bombarded with sales messages and are very adept at filtering out the ones that don’t address them directly and tell them the benefits of a product or service straight away.

For example, jumpers that ‘keep you warmer and fit you better’ sell better than jumpers that ‘are designed by our team of experts to deliver the ultimate winter-wear experience.’

You see?

So please remember, next time you’re writing a piece of sales literature: it’s not about you, it’s about YOU, and by that, of course, I mean THEM…