An important word about SEO…

SEO services have become something of a mixed blessing in the digital marketplace over the last decade.

At Copy Cruncher we don’t offer SEO packages as such because search engines like Google change their algorithms regularly.

This means a strategy that benefits you one year could harm you the next.

To summarise, search engines rank you more highly if they see that you have a natural-looking profile of backlinks that has been built steadily over time.

As a professional copywriting agency we will always include your keywords in your web copy.

This is not an extra service, but simply part of what any digitally literate copywriter will do for you.

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Tom Fletcher
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Alice Dickinson, Fleetwater Holidays

“Never afraid to tackle a new subject, Tom writes with confidence and flair bringing together the right words to deliver SEO and a clear message.”

University of Southampton

“Tom always interprets our brief clearly and really anticipates what we need.  All copy is crisp, punchy and always keeps our corporate style, tone of voice and customer base in mind.”